Monday, November 5, 2012

Project Manager vs Project Management Office

A project manager is assigned to a project to achieve the project objectives; generally, to deliver the complete scope of the project within the time schedule, under the allocated budget and to the quality standards stipulated for the project Project Management Office (PMO) is more of a supporting/ facilitating entity within the organization that co-ordinates the management of several projects under its domain.

A comparison of the role of a project manager and project management office is given below:

Project ManagerProject Management Office
Focuses on the specified project objectivesFocuses on opportunities to better achieve business objectives
Controls only the assigned project resourcesPMO's role is to centralize and optimize the use of shared organizational resources across all projects
Manages and balances the competing constraints of the individual project, like scope, cost, time, quality, resources and riskManages the methodologies, standards, overall risk/ opportunity and interdependencies among projects at the enterprise level


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