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3500+ Free PMP Exam Practice Questions

Updated on 17 Nov 2017 : Free PMP® Exam Prep Practice Test (full mock test containing 200 questions) from SimpliLearn was added; the updated list now contains 3500+ Free PMP exam practice questions. Invalid links were removed from the list.

To succeed in PMP Certification Examination, you need to follow three golden rules, which are listed below:
  1. Practice
  2. Practice and
  3. More practice

Got it? Yes, PMP is one examination where you can succeed only by getting some hands-on exercises. It is difficult to clear the examination just by reading PMBOK or attending some training. You need to try as many questions as possible, monitor your performance and control your study before going for the real PMP exam. I have touched about this approach in my earlier article titled How to Pass PMP in First Attempt?.

So, the next step is to find relevant resources. You can buy question banks or mock exam softwares available in the market, if money is not a constraint. But, if you are worried about spending more money on PMP, don't worry. There are ample PMP questions available online, free of cost.

In this article, I have listed some of them for your reference and use.

3500+ Free PMP Exam Practice Questions

  1. Just Get PMP - PMP Exam Questions and Answers - Free
  2. PMPExamForFree- Premium PMP Exam Questions (700 questions)
  3. GreyCampus - Free PMP Practice Exam (200 questions); requires you to share your e-mail to receive the test result
  4. Just PMP - Free PMP Practice test (200 questions); requires you to like and share JustPMP facebook page before you enroll for test
  5. BrainBOK - Mastering PMBOK Exam (50 random questions displayed from a pool of 100+ free questions); requires a sign-in with Google Account
  6. Oliver F. Lehmann
  7. Project Management Academy - Free PMP Questions (50 questions)
  8. iZenBridge
  9. CertChamp - PMP Sample Questions (200 questions)
  10. The Certification School - PMP Free Mock Exam (100 questions)
  11. MyPM
  12. Head First Labs - Free PMP Practice Exam (200 questions)
  13. PMStudy - Free Sample Chapter Test on "Project Management Framework" and "Project Integration Management" (151 questions)
  14. tutorialspoint – PMP Mock Exam (200 questions)
  15. preparepm.com
  16. Threon - PMP Test Questions
  17. Project Management Test Bank -  PM Test Bank (480 questions)
  18. PMTraining - PMP Exam Demonstration (10 questions)
  19. SimpliLearn - Free PMP® Exam Prep Practice Test (200 questions); You need to provide your name, e-mail id and phone number to start the Practice Test
  20. Voight Project Solutions – Practice PMP Exam (Removed the link on 13 Oct 2015 as it is not working)
  21. PMP Links - PMP Practice Exam (200 questions) (Removed the link on 17 Nov 2017 as it is not working)
Remember that PMP is not only Project Mangement Professional, but also stands for Practice Makes Perfect.

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I have not tested or reviewed the above links. So, I cannot vouch for the content provided in those links. It is up to the individuals to ensure the relevance and accuracy of the questions. However, we would welcome your feedback on those questions banks which would help other PMP aspirants to choose the better question bank for their exam preparation.

Revision History

  • Nov 17, 2017: Free PMP® Exam Prep Practice Test from SimpliLearn was included; PMP Practice Exam from PMP Links was removed
  • Dec 31, 2016: 700 Premium PMP exam questions from PMPExamForFree were added
  • Nov 24, 2016: Free PMP practice exam from GreyCampus was added
  • Nov 16, 2016: Free PMP practice test from JustPMP was added
  • Jan 16, 2016: My own PMP exam sample questions (10 questions) were included
  • Jan 09, 2016: 10 sample questions from PMTraining were included
  • Jan 08, 2016: 175 Prep Questions from Oliver F. Lehmann and 200 Free PMP Practice Questions from PMP Links were included
  • Nov 26, 2015: 50 Free PMP/CAPM Sample Questions from BrainBOK were included
  • Nov 16, 2015: 50 Free PMP Questions from Project Management Academy were included
  • Nov 14, 2015: PMP Free Practice Test and Earned Value Management (EVM) Quiz from iZenBridge were included
  • Nov 04, 2015: PMP Sample Questions from CertChamp were included
  • Oct 29, 2015: PMP Free Mock Exam from The Certification School was included
  • Oct 13, 2015: PMP Practice Exams from MyPM were included; Practice PMP Exam from Voight Project Solutions was removed
  • May 28, 2013: First published


  1. I also found pmppracticeexams.com to be a good resource

  2. Your blog is Awesome! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

    1. Thanks Sandanuwan. Appreciate your feedback.

  3. We appreciate your knowledge sharing approach. It is helping a lot.


  4. hello, I write in pmp 5 days any useful tips

    1. Please visit the page PMP Tips. You may get some useful tips there.

  5. took oliver heldman 175 questions today and scored 104

    1. Good. Identify your shortcomings and try to improve the score.

  6. Hello Manick

    Need help with this questions

    The following should be used for questions 15 through 17.
    A project manager is assigned to a project early in the project lifecycle. One of the things that must be done is to do a justification for the project. Since very little information is known about the project, the estimates are considered to be rough estimates. The following table is the project manager’s estimate of the cash flow that will take place over the next five years.

    End of Year Cash Flow In Cash Flow Out
    1 0 500,000
    2 300,000 90,000
    3 400,000 100,000
    4 100,000 175,000
    5 50,000 35,000

    15. What is the payback period for this project?
    a. One year
    b. Two years
    c. Three years
    d. Four years

    16. What is the net cash flow at the end of five years?
    a. $50,000
    b. - $50,000
    c. $850,000
    d. $100,000

    17. If the net present value for each of the cash flows were calculated at a 10% interest rate, the net present value cash flow at the end of five years would be:
    a. Greater than the total cash flow without the net present value applied
    b. Less than the total cash flow without the net present value applied
    c. The same as the total cash flow without the net present value applied
    d. Unable to be calculated with the information supplied

    1. Hi, here are my answers to your questions:

      Qn. 15: The payback period is the time at which your cash flow in exceeds cash flow out. ICalculate the net cash flow at the end of each year. At the end of year 1, you have -500k. At the end of year 2, you have -290k. At the end of year 3, you have +10k. So, three years is the payback period.

      Qn. 16: At the end of five years, your total cash flow in is 800k & total cash flow out is 850k. So, the answer is 800k-850k = -$50,000

      Qn. 17: Ans (b). NPV is always lesser than the future value.

  7. You may want to add 100 free PMP / CAPM Sample free questions from BrainBOK to your list.

    1. Thanks Harwinder for your comment. Could you please provide a direct link to the free questions?.

    2. Hi Manick,

      This is the direct link: Mastering PMBOK Exam 1


    3. Harwinder,

      The link to BrainBOK is added. Thanks.

    4. Thanks, Manick. I appreciate it.

    5. Hello Manick,

      A quick comment - BrainBOK Mastering PMBOK Guide exam has a pool of 105 free questions from which 50 questions at a time at random. So, the total questions is 100+. It would be useful if you could update the info on your page.


    6. Harwinder, Updated the content accordingly. Thanks.

  8. Thanks a lot for the information and details provided on your page...I got immense help from it and cleared my PMP , 3 Proficient and 2 Mostly proficient

    1. Great news Sonali Bose. Wonderful! Congrats and welcome to the club!

      Whenever you have time, please share your lessons learned here: PMP Lessons Learned. It would be useful for others. Thanks.

  9. Hi Manick

    I passed the exam second time around because of looking up sources like yours. Thank you for putting up the links as they have been very helpful. I'd also like to suggest that you add the 'PMP Exam Mentor' as it provides 770 free questions and is available on all platforms. I personally used the app and found it quite helpful with questions, flashcards, and other content. Here are the links for your reference


    Thanks for your links again

  10. Good work, keep this up!

  11. JustPMP Provides an access of Online Simulated FREE one full length of PMP Practice test which consists of 200 questions and 4 hours duration. User can sign for Free PMP test at https://www.justpmp.com/pmp-test/ If you can update your page, lot of students will get benefits of it.

    1. Thanks JustPMP. A link to your free PMP Practice Test is included in the above article.

  12. justPMP.com is great thanks...

  13. Thanks a lot. This is what knowledge enhances by sharing.
    Well Done.

    1. Thanks. Hope you find the links to PMP questions are useful.

  14. Highly recommend http://pmpexamforfree.com to everyone taking PMP exam. 700+ realistic questions and totally free with no registration.

    Must try. http://pmpexamforfree.com

    1. Thanks James for your recommendation. Now, I have included a link to the PMP test questions from PMPExamForFree.

  15. I have a question: I need to buy PMP questions?

    1. Dear Ali,

      I am not sure what do you mean. The above list shows you links to free PMP questions. If you would like to buy, there are other sources. One of the more popular one is Rita Mulcahy's database of PMP questions.

  16. Helpful links.

    Thank you Manick.

  17. hi Guys, I am preparing for the PMP and found this webpage today and starting doing the practices. Earlier i was doing tests from overseas sites like in india mainly. Those sites tend to ask ambigious questions just so you score low and think you're not ready for the PMP. questions from internet or somewhere unrelated. I think their purpose is to make you buy their materials and exams only!

  18. Hi Manick,

    I trust you are well.
    I am currently studying for my CAPM qualification before I move onto my PMP, I see the links provided above in the blog refer to PMP only are there any useful practice tests centered around CAPM?

  19. Thanks for sharing such information!!

  20. Sir I just found your PMP prep and forum. I'm sure you already know, but this is just valuable information for someone who is beginning to prep for the PMP exam. Currently I've been using some Skillsoft CBT software through my company to study the PMP PMBOK 5th Edition modules which has practice exercises and test prep. However, being able to talk to other PMP professional will be paramount for my future success as a Project Manager. I look forward to many conversations in the future. Mario

  21. Thanks Manick for such list of practice questions really very informative.

  22. I find this article very useful, thanks I found it before my pmp exam. I am preparing and planned to write on 12th Dec'17, will share my knowledge and experience after my passing of exam with God grace.


    1. Good to know that the links to various PMP question banks are useful to you. Please share your feedback on the questions.
      My best wishes to you. You will be a super star on 12/12/17.

  23. Hi, kindly respond answer for the following:
    Your company policy allows accepting gifts from customer within certain limit. Your customer is giving you a gift which is beyond limit of your company policy. You have given a gift to the customer's representative already which has similar in value. What should you do?
    1. Accept it and don't tell anyone
    2. Ask you customer about company policy
    3. Contact your Company's senior management
    4. Refuse it

    I am confused between 3 and 4. I think it should be 4. Refuse it as the we know the company's policy.

    Kindly provide inputs if this is right or should it be option 3

    Thanks for inputs

    1. The answer should be (4). The company policy is clear; hence, you should refuse it. There is no point in contacting your senior management.

    2. Hi, everyone.
      Shouldn't the answer be 3. Contact your Company's senior management, because you have alreade given a gift of similar value to the customer's representative?

    3. No, I don't think so. Since you were offered a gift "which is beyond limit of your company policy", you should not accept it. PMI expects PMs to be independent and in very rare cases, you are expected to approach senior management for advice and support.

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  25. Many thanks for detailed info. Much appreciated.

  26. try google PMPQUIZBANK
    should be the best so far in the market

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    Such a great article. PMP indeed gives you boost in your Professional life and in your salary too. May I suggest you the PMP Practice Exams for the better and realiable practice to pass PMP actual exam. It consists of free Quizzes too. Must visit the site, it helps me alot.

  29. You may consider adding this resource of PMP Sample Questions www.erudicat.com to your list. And thanks for the rest, very helpful

    1. I agree I discovered the resource www.erudicat.com and I'm spending hours there just answering questions

  30. HI Manick. There is a dead link in this list - 12. Head First Labs - Free PMP Practice Exam (200 questions). I would like to suggest to change it for another one https://www.erudicat.com . Thank for consideration

  31. This listing is great. It contains a lot of great sites. But I also want to add one of the best website that I find out during my PMP Certification Preparation for PMP Practice Exams having complete five sets of PMP Practice Exams.
    Practice questions were very effective and very similar with actual exam and helps me out to ace my certification in first attempt.
    Hope you can also get certified too.

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