Monday, May 27, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Part 1

I get lot of questions from PMP aspirants. Most of them are not related to the PMP content, but generally questions of administrative nature. Several questions were repeated; primarily out of anxiety from candidates.

I thought of putting together these questions on PMP examination here. This by no means is a comprehensive list of questions. I would add more questions as I come across them.

Question #1

I got the training of 35 hours in Project Management 2 years back which was conducted by PMI-Chennai chapter and now I am waiting for the PM experience to get completed in mid of this year. Whether I can apply for PMP with this training hours or I have to take a new training?
Manick: PMI states that you should have at least 35 contact hours of specific instruction that addressed learning objectives in project management. You are allowed to record all education hours regardless of when they were accrued. The only condition is that the course work should have been completed at the time you submit the application.

So, it is not necessary to attend new training. Your previous training would be sufficient, irrespective of the fact that it was two years old.

Question #2

I am planning to go for online 35 hours contact training now based on PMBOK 4th edition. However I would like to take the exam on PMBOK 5th edition after 4 to 5 months from now. So my question is the contact hours I gained on PMBOK 4th edition are eligible for taking PMBOK 5th edition exam also?
Manick: No problem. You can attend the training program based on PMBOK4; and the same contact hours can be used to take exam based on PMBOK5.

PMI requires that the contact hours should address learning objectives in project management. The course hours may include content on project quality, project scope, project schedule, project budget, project communications, project risk, project procurement, and project integration management. It does not state that you have to go through any specific training based on PMBOK only.

Question #3

I had taken the PMP 35 PDUs training for PMP 4th edition in Nov 2012, and due to some personal problems I was not able to prepare for this PMP Exam and have not taken yet, i,e till 5th May 2013. Now, I came to know that PMP 4th edition exam last date is 31 July 2013. I have not started preparation for this PMP exam, so can I prepare for this exam within 2 months?
Manick: The time required for the exam preparation varies depending on the individual’s learning capability, other work load, the level of training obtained and various other factors. From my own experience, I believe that anything between 6 to 8 weeks should be sufficient for exam preparation. But, you have to dedicate your full attention during this period.

I note that there is a long break since you attended the training session. I would suggest you to attend a refresher programme. This should not be a problem since most of the training institutes allow you to attend repeat classes. Please check with your respective training provider.

Question #4

I have done my 35 hours PDU and I am in the process of completing my profile. Please advice whether I should take PMP4 exam or PMP5 exam. I just did the 35 hour PDUs last weekend.
Manick: We still have about two more months before the exam changes to PMBOK5 (PMP5). You have just enough time to prepare and appear for the exam based on PMBOK4 (PMP4). As such, I would suggest you to go ahead with PMBOK4.

Since you have completed the training, its easier for you to study PMBOK4. Moreover, the amount of study material available for PMBOK4 is plenty. To get study materials based on PMBOK5 would take some time. So, I prefer to go ahead with a known devil rather than waiting for the unknown angel.

I would strongly suggest PMBOK5 for any one who completes their training after mid-June. Its too difficult to prepare for the exam in less than six weeks.

I hope the above clarifications would help to cool down some of your anxiety. Do you have any other questions? Please feel free to shoot them.


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