Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New PMP Exam From August 2011

PMP Certification Examination is to be updated in the year 2011. Yes, Project Management Institute (PMI) has recently announced that the PMP Credential Examination will be revised in 2011. However, the eligibility requirements (both education and experience) will remain the same.

It is expected that approximately 30 percent of the examination will be changed. From 2011, the Professional & Social Responsibility domain will be tested in every domain instead of being a separate domain on the exam. PMI believes, from its studies, that professional and social responsibility are integrated into all of the work of project management. Hence, the changes to the exam.

The new PMP examination is scheduled to be released on 31 August 2011. So, candidates who would like to take current PMP exam have to note that they can do so only until 30 August 2011. If you are one of them, please schedule early to ensure that you can obtain a test date before the update.

Source Information: PMI Today, December 2010


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  2. It was a Old news..but thanks for the Update

  3. The PMP Certification establishes a common language among project managers and helps each other work within a common framework. Once you have the PMP, you need to consider how you're applying the processes, tools, and techniques to projects. I took a training course for my preparation in and got ready for the exam on day 5!