Monday, December 13, 2010

Project vs Operations

While you are studying for PMP exam, you should understand the difference between Projects and Operations. While the exam might not test you on the definitions or their characteristics, they might give you a scenario and you will be asked to identify whether you are working on a project or you are involved in an operation. So, it is important to understand the characteristics of projects and operations. Here, we have listed them for your understanding.

Characteristics of Projects
  • Projects are Temporary & Unique in nature
  • Projects have definite start dates and definite end dates
  • The end is reached when the project's objectives have been achieved; the project is sometimes terminated because its objectives cannot or will not be met; the project may also be cancelled when the need for the project no longer exists
  • Every project creates a unique product, result or service
  • Progressive elaboration is used 
Characteristics of Operations
  • Operations are Ongoing and Repetitive in nature
  • Work is continuous without a known ending date
  • The purpose of the operations is to sustain the business or to keep the organization functioning
  • Often produce the same results or products