Saturday, June 8, 2013

PMP Lessons Learned #1

I thought of sharing some lessons learned during the PMP exam preparation. As you know, PMI puts lot of emphasis on lessons learned and historical information for the success of any project. Since the entire process of getting PMP credential certification is also a project, all the lessons learned by the current PMP holders would be extremely useful for new PMP aspirants.

So, I framed a set of questions as a survey with an idea to collect lessons learned from PMPs I know. Here is the first such survey answered promptly by Mr. Dayanidhi Dhandapany. Daya, whom I know personally too, attended one of my PMP training programmes and cleared the exam in a short period of time.

Below, you can find his views and opinions on his successful journey that fetched him the coveted PMP Credential.

Start of Survey

Personal Details

1. Your name?
Dayanidhi Dhandapany

2. Your Qualification?
PG Degree in Engineering

3. Your Industry?

4. Years of Experience
More than 15 years

Details of Training Attended

5. Where did you attend PMP training?
Green International, Chennai

6. What is the mode of your training?
Class room based

Details of Exam Preparation

7. How long did you prepare for the exam?
45 - 90 days

8. In your opinion, which is the best book for PMP exam preparation?
PMP Exam Prep, Rita Mulcahy

9. Did you take part in any online forum during the preparation?

10. How did you prepare for the exam? What would you like to change if you would revisit the exam preparation period?
I already have working experience in project control field, so I have to tune myself to PMI way of project management in approaching the exams for which practicing of 1000 questions and attempting to take exams for more than 6 hours per day continuously gave me the comfort of sitting for the real exam under 2.5 hours to complete the 4 hours exam duration.

In simple terms the more the practice less the pain you will take in the real exam because your mind is tuned automatically to cope up with time. Of course one has to understand the concepts, processes etc in PMI Way only.

Opinion on the PMP Exam Content

11. Easiest knowledge area?
Time Management

12. Most difficult knowledge area?
Procurement Management

During the Exam

13. Time taken to complete the exam?
Time was not a problem

Final Word

14. One last piece of advice for candidates preparing for the exam?
Try to take as much Mock up exams to achieve the speed to complete the exam in 2.5 hours and your scoring in the mock should be 93% then you can go for real exam.

End of Survey

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I sincerely thank Daya for filling up this questionnaire, in spite of his busy schedule. I hope to get few more to share their experience here. If you are interested in sharing your experience, you can use my PMP Lessons Learned form, which will be shared on this blog.


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