Thursday, June 13, 2013

PMP Lessons Learned #3

Further to our interviews with Mr. Dayanidhi Dhandapany, PMP and Mr. Ramakrishnan Jayabalan (Ramki), PMP, here is an interview with Ms. Sangeetha, PMP.

Below, you can find her views and opinions on her successful journey that fetched her the coveted PMP Credential.

Start of Survey

Personal Details

1. Your name?
Sangeetha A

2. Your Qualification?
Degree in Engineering

3. Your Industry?

4. Years of Experience
5 - 10 years

Details of Training Attended

5. Where did you attend PMP training?
Green International, Chennai

6. What is the mode of your training?
Class room based

Details of Exam Preparation

7. How long did you prepare for the exam?
45 - 90 days

8. In your opinion, which is the best book for PMP exam preparation?
Head First PMP, Andrew Stellman

9. Did you take part in any online forum during the preparation?

10. Most useful online resource for PMP exam preparation, Head First PMP

11. How did you prepare for the exam? What would you like to change if you would revisit the exam preparation period?
No response.

Opinion on the PMP Exam Content

12. Easiest knowledge area?
Communications Management

13. Most difficult knowledge area?
Integration Management

During the Exam

14. Time taken to complete the exam?
Time was not a problem

Final Word

15. One last piece of advice for candidates preparing for the exam?
Start studying along with the course progress and try to take up the exam within 3 months of course completion. Practice lot of mock test and at least 2-3 full exam in a exam kind environment.

End of Survey

I sincerely thank Sangeetha for filling up this questionnaire. I hope to get few more PMPs to share their experience here. If you are interested in sharing your experience, you can use my PMP Lessons Learned form. Your valuable lessons learned will be shared on this blog for the benefit of other PMP aspirants.


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